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Helpful links for Sriracha cooking!

Hello faithful blog follower, if you are visiting this site than I’m assuming you have at least somewhat of an inkling of interest in cooking with the magical spicy ingredient known as Sriracha. Now we first need to start this list with a question, one that is the central crux for all inquiry into this wordpress website. We need to know what Sriracha sauce is. Well at first thought the concept of Sriracha sauce is simple – it’s a sauce that makes food hotter and has a unique flavor to it… wow that was pretty easy actually! Now that we know what this magic foodstuff is, we can start to really dig up some delicious recipes to cook it into! I hope you’re hungry for some spicy cuisine!

Now, the first website I’m providing is talking about using Sriracha to cook into a breakfast dish. Of all the times to use this sauce I could heartily agree that Sriracha is best used on bland old breakfast food – really adds that kick to your morning!

My next suggestion is another great idea to use for cooking breakfast. Now personally, I love eggs glazed with the stuff and this brilliant chef took it another step further and cooked the Sriracha into the dish itself. Making a fritata never sounded more appealing than with a generous application of the Sriracha sauce.

The next site comes from and features a fancy appetizer dish known as quinoa (kee-noah? queen-oh-uh?) with the Sriracha sauce cooked right in with the other tasty ingredients. Yum!

This fourth site is brought to you by the wonders of cooking the magical Sriracha sauce with it’s long time lover – fried rice. When I was first introduced to this spicy elixer it was garnished on top of a bed of friend rice with tofu cooked in. I gotta tell you the flavor combination of the three working together was beyond words and I would be lying to you if I said tears weren’t involved, half from sheer joy, half from me eating way too much Sriracha at once and roasting my tongue!

Now, for this fifth and final website, I had to find a site that was almost as dedicated to the creation of culinary masterpieces with this spicy elixir of the gods as my own. I had to look far and wide to find the best dish for the Sriracha cooking and finally it hit me. Now I know that the concept of mixing this spice with anything seems almost sacrilegious but trust me when I say that the newest trend is to mix peanut butter with your Sriracha. Now I know you’re probably thinking “Peanut butter?? what kind of nutjob cooking website is this?” and I would have been right there with you a month ago. But trust me when I say that this creation is something to marvel. The combination of the two wonderful sauces blended together gives your mouth a complex taste that will make your headspin. That’s why I gotta give number five on my top list to for their recipe on spicy tofu with peanut butter sauce. It’s something to behold!

Sriracha – a enigma in a tube.

Hello! If you’re reading this you’re here to learn more about the wonderful invention that is Sriracha Sauce. Sriracha is the perfect blend of spice and flavor, and in my limited college experience, I’ve learned that Sriracha can be put into pretty much about anything with (in my own personal pallet opinion) wonderfully delicious results. Hopefully you learn more about different cheap cooking ideas with the wonderful invention that is Sriracha.